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Premier Resort Hotel

Apartments near TC Bukovel for leisure and business


Premier Resort Hotel is the only hotel located near Bukovel Shopping Center with the possibility of privately owned apartments being purchased. Thanks to the excellent location - 700 meters from the lift 1R of the parking lot # 1 - it is planned high occupancy of rooms - up to 65% per year. The full term of payback of the real estate is planned within 6-10 years, the first profit will arrive at the accounts of the owners in the first months of the hotel. The hotel offers one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments as well as Standard rooms. The Standard rooms, apart from the living room, have a bathroom, shower and loggia, and the Premier, Suite and Presidential rooms have a kitchen area, bath and terrace. The hotel complex includes a spa, fitness room, children's games room, restaurant, bar and underground parking. Each room will be equipped with appliances, furniture, plumbing and decorative accessories.

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v. Polyanytsya, Vyshnevyi Tract st., 121-a


Comfort calculated to the smallest detail.


Panoramic view


The hotel stands on a hillside over the Prutets River, so every window on any floor offers great views of the surrounding countryside. All rooms have terraces that allow you to watch the nature without leaving the room. The exterior structure of the building is designed so that guests can enjoy the ski slopes. Panoramic windows of the terraces create the effect of increasing the space in the rooms.

Security system


An innovative safety system will allow you to accommodate families with children and not worry about their health. The entrance to the hotel is planned to be equipped with a checkpoint. Video surveillance will be provided on all floors. The elevators will be equipped with an admission control system. All terraces are equipped with reliable protective structures. A security guard patrol will be on duty at the property. Premier Resort Hotel can rightly be called a security zone.

Best restaurants


The hotel offers excellent European restaurant and cafe services. A varied menu, first-class service and a cozy atmosphere are all you need for a great stay. From the restaurant you can go to the outdoor terrace with a magnificent view of the slope of Mount Bukovel. Exquisite dishes can be ordered directly in the room if you wish to enjoy their taste in the circle of loved ones.

Children room


Premier Resort is a place to stay with children. It is planned to build a playground, which will allow the children to play and have a little time for parents. In the play area, your child will be under the constant supervision of experienced caregivers. Interesting lessons and training programs will not make her bored. There will also be a play area with slide, sandbox and carousel. Great rest for your children is provided.

Підземний паркінг


Зручна підземна парковка для розміщення автомобілів постояльців. У систему безпеки паркінгу буде входити контрольно-пропускний пункт, відеоспостереження та цілодобова охорона. Вхід можливий як з вулиці, так і з будівлі готелю. Для електромобілів на території парковки планується встановити термінали із зарядними пристроями. Вся територія паркінгу буде добре освітлена, опалюватися і вентилюватися.


We not only build walls - we invest our love.


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