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Servicehouse we will provide comfort and order

SERVICESHOUSE offers its customers not only square meters of state-of-the-art technology, but also a harmonious living space. When you buy an apartment, you get comfort and coziness at every stage, from the exterior of the house and the space around to the interior of the individual rooms and common areas.


Comfortable interaction

SERVICEHOUSE uses the one-stop-shop principle when you do not need to go to different services and authorities depending on the question, and all services, answers and advice can be obtained in one place. Residents will be able to find out about tariff changes, various events in the lobby of the complex, order a help simply by ringing the phone, and receive it together with the bills in their own mailbox.

Keeping the concept

All LEV DEVELOPMENT projects are conceptual architectural solutions, and SERVICEHOUSE will continue to care for them as if they were their own child. Keeping the facade is one of the most important tasks, so the management company arranges for the supervision and control of the placement of air conditioners, for any work that may damage the exterior of the house or the interior design of entrances, and for the Internet in special boxes, which are in advance installed in the complex.

Efficiency of work

The work of the management company is based on clear business processes and a quality control system. Any issues related to the maintenance and maintenance of the home will be resolved as quickly as possible thanks to the well-established cooperation of SERVICEHOUSE with various services: Lvivoblenergo, Lvivgas, Vodokanal, cleaning companies and other organizations. In addition, residents can order a variety of services that will be individually accounted for by the apartment.


The company is founded by experienced professionals with 15 years of experience in housing and utilities reform and implementation of condominium development programs. When selecting employees at SERVICEHOUSE, each candidate goes through three interviewing stages, including security clearance. All specialists of the management company undergo regular certification and training for advanced training.


They say that to change the world, you need to apply the global experience locally

Maintenance and retention of the complex

  • current repair of the house if necessary, prevention of premature deterioration of structures and restoration of performance of the house;
  • daily cleaning of public areas;
  • cleaning of the general roof from snow;
  • removal of household waste and snow;
  • deratization / disinsection;
  • cleaning the parking lot with a special washing machine.

Service and maintenance of adjoining territory

  • daily cleaning of the adjoining territory: lawn cleaning, cleaning of children’s, sports and economic playgrounds and recreation areas;
  • landscaping, care of the green space: watering and cutting of plants, lawns;
  • repair and restoration of destroyed areas of improvement, fences, and equipment of sports, economic and recreation grounds.

Security and concierge service

  • video surveillance of the territory, halls, parking;
  • intercom systems in the house;
  • 24-hour security on the building;
  • automatic doors, gates, barriers: by card contact numbers.

Complex management services

  • administrative and management services of the managing organization;
  • accounting and settlement services;
  • information support;
  • issuance of parking gate keys.

Engineering and operating service

  • the power supply of complex;
  • cold and hot water supply system;
  • cleaning of smoke vents;
  • high-speed elevators;
  • sewerage and drainage system;
  • fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems;
  • external and internal lighting of the complex;
  • internet networks;
  • current repair of engineering systems and restoration of operational characteristics of the house;
  • immediate organization of the elimination of accidents and malfunctions of the common property of the house.


SERVICEHOUSE is constantly expanding the list of services and trying to take into account all the wishes of the residents of our homes.

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