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ABOUT lev invest

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago"

These words were said by the world-famous American investor, philanthropist and philanthropist - Warren Buffett.

Since the founding of the company, we immediately focused on working with investors and now have many years of experience in such cooperation. This allows us to meet any requests in the field of real estate. We create multifunctional residential complexes, apart-hotels, club-type houses and cottage towns.

What does an investor get?

A reliable partner

Which will help you choose the right investment option for you


Regarding the formation of a favorable pricing policy for the object of investment

Legal support

And the organization of the contract of assignment

Customer search

Who are ready to buy your object

Sales department

Services of qualified managers and quality service

Insight news

Opportunity to be the first to learn about our new projects and invest again

How do investments work?

20% per year - the average return on investment in real estate LEV Development

Investing in real estate is a profitable alternative to deposits

Unfortunately, in our country there is a high level of inflation and an unstable exchange rate, due to which new businesses fail and old ones often go bankrupt. Therefore, it is safest to invest in something that has little effect on these factors.

Investment object

– is an apartment, cottage, commercial space, or a room in an apart-hotel at the initial stage of construction.

Guaranteed profit

As the commissioning of the facility approaches, its price rises. And at this stage, the object is profitable to resell or lease long-term.


Always open to cooperation

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