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The LEV Development team promotes human-centeredness. Our main priority is comfort and pleasure within our complexes, so we pay attention to every detail.


The comfort of living consists of many details. Do you know what the beauty of simple things is? They are native to our lives, at first glance invisible, but give a feeling of extreme lightness and comfort.


For example, underground parking on site. Useful and functional space: a few minutes for maneuvers – and you already take the elevator to your floor to spend the rest of the day in the comfort of your home.


Such a simple thing significantly increases the standard of living. Moreover, time is the most valuable resource and you will not have to spend it looking for a free and accessible parking space. According to statistics, the availability of underground parking saves residents up to 30 minutes a day.



Experience in recent years has shown that free parking spaces will disappear as a phenomenon, and spontaneous parking will be regulated at the legislative level. Soon chaotic parking will be limited and leaving the car outside the residential complex will be almost impossible.


Yards without cars – a whole philosophy for a more harmonious use of space and comfort of each resident. That’s why we have developed the LEV Live & Ride loyalty program, which allows you to buy an apartment together with a parking space on more favorable terms.

Which RCs are involved?

The LEV Live & Ride loyalty program covers for 5 residential complexes: SILENT PARK, PERFECT LIFE, FEEL HOUSEHYGGE and OBRIY 3

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