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Price: from 21 648 UAH / m2


Live creating


PERFECT LIFE is the first innovative living space for work & life balance in a picturesque environment.

Here everything is perfect:
- design PERFECT - architecture from ARKHO GROUP, landscape design from URBANIDEAS, designer halls from SAVYTSKYYdesign.
- PERFECT lifestyle - private school and kindergarten, coworking, own medical center, SPA-zone with pool and fitness room.
- PERFECT location - forest park nearby, lake on the territory, downhill skiing in 5 minutes.

Allow yourself a PERFECT LIFE!

from 21 648 UAH / m2
Stage of construction:
Start of sales
from 37.01 to 112.23 m2


Design architecture


The architectural concept PERFECT LIFE from the famous studio ARKHO GROUP - thoughtful, multifunctional and modern. This is an innovative look at the creation and combination of living, working and leisure spaces.

Designer halls


A good day starts with a smile, and PERFECT LIFE starts with designer halls. After all, beauty must be in every square meter. That is why we entrusted the design of the halls in the hands of the studio SAVYTSKYYdesign to combine the idea and create a wow-effect from the first step.



URBANIDEAS landscape design always has a goal - to create a useful space that will meet modern needs. Therefore, for PERFECT LIFE, the URBANIDEAS team has developed a landscaping project with lawns, tree shade and cozy playgrounds designed for active and quiet recreation of all residents. You do not need to go out of town, a convenient promenade area is already on the territory.

Executive floors


PERFECT LIFE executive floors have exceptional privacy and exclusivity. Access to floors only for residents of the executive floor and by personal electronic passes. And this, an atmosphere of calm and pleasure from a high level of comfort. Improved sound insulation, high ceilings, carpet tiles, premium locks - exclusive details that will be worthy of your enjoyment of life.

Closed area


The PERFECT LIFE area is fenced, closed and under video surveillance. And this in turn guarantees peace for themselves, relatives and their own property. The living space is open to your new ideas, and its territory is closed for your safety.

Yard without cars and underground parking


The tendency to free the yard from cars has long been a necessity. Thanks to this, residents will be able to enjoy clean air, peace and quiet. That is why PERFECT LIFE has a yard without cars. We designed a spacious underground parking lot for them. There will always be your free space, video surveillance and high-speed elevators.

GlobalKids Kindergarten and ThinkGlobal School


Kindergarten GlobalKids recruits children from 2 years. Daily English lessons, classes on critical and spatial thinking, emotional intelligence, psychology, leadership, social responsibility, cybersecurity and human rights. Author's individual programs have been developed for students of grades 1-11: STEM, Digital Leadership, Soft Skills, mathematical lyceum, externship. GlobalKids and ThinkGlobal are a quality space with innovative teaching methods.



The children themselves know how best. Research says that it is important for a child to implement nine types of activity: movement, play, communication, cooperation, argument, experiment, rest, risk, unity with nature. On the territory of PERFECT LIFE we will develop a modern, interesting, safe and interactive playground that does not put children in a frame, but gives space for imagination and realization of any activities.

Forest park


Recreational zone PERFECT LIFE is located near the forest park zone of Lviv with an area of ​​2799 hectares of forest. Nearby is the river Marunka and three monuments of history and nature: Devil's Rocks, Honey Cave and a lake where it is cool to relax with the whole family or meditate alone. The forest park is also home to various rare species of animals and birds. It's like the Carpathian forests based on Lviv motives, which are nice to walk around, exploring a new place every time.

Downhill skiing


Following the example of modern European ski resorts, a four-chair Doppelmayr lift is already being built a 5-minute drive from PERFECT LIFE. These are: 3 slopes, artificial snow system, lighting for night skiing and a zone for snow tubing. Even in summer, you can go down the slide on artificial grass. The trail is also equipped for mountain biking. High-level active recreation is a new format of healthy recreation for the whole family without spending time on the road.

The lake is nearby


One of the neighboring reservoirs - is a lake 5 minutes drive. It is currently under reconstruction. It is planned to strengthen the shore and the dam, to install a special system for cleaning the springs that will fill it with crystal water. Increased area of ​​beaches, as well as the creation of outdoor pools. Rest near modern reservoirs of this level deserve the title of PERFECT LIFE.

Office real estate


PERFECT LIFE offers the perfect space for your business one step away from home. Office real estate in PERFECT LIFE is a community of like-minded people and a useful business activity near your home. Do you already have a plan for your dream startup? Choose office real estate in PERFECT LIFE, here is the perfect space for your own business!

Smart place


Work & Life balance is when WI-FI is free throughout and you can watch Apple's presentation on the street; when walking at night with a dog is safe, because there is a network of smart LED lighting everywhere, which adjusts to the time of day and weather conditions. Life to your satisfaction and extended limits of comfort is about PERFECT LIFE.

Fitness center


Regular sports are an important component of a harmonious life and longevity. Thanks to training, you can keep your youth for a long time and look good. On the territory of PERFECT LIFE it is planned to place your own Fitness center, where you can keep your body in shape every day. Modern sports simulators 2 steps away from your home are a good reason to start training today.

SPA center with pool


Own SPA center with pool - luxury is available to every resident of PERFECT LIFE. A set of wellness treatments, quality regular rest, moderate physical activity in the pool, all this in the territory of PERFECT LIFE will contribute to the beauty of the body and clarity of mind. As a bonus - guaranteed productivity growth.

Medical center


Much depends on the state of health: appearance, longevity and quality of life. Regular check-up of the whole organism and its support is an integral part of modern life, a source of energy and positivity at any age. The latest Medical center will greatly simplify and make comfortable care for the health of you and your family.

Own lake and BBQ zone


The complex already has its own small lake, which will be equipped with a recreation area and gazebos - a good place for interesting and active recreation for the whole family. Relaxation with friends and family right in the yard of your own home becomes possible. You do not need to go out of town to enjoy the taste of cooked dishes. Each resident will be able to relax in a specially equipped barbecue area.

Food place and Market zone


Living on the territory of PERFECT LIFE is a guarantee of freshness of ingredients in your gastronomic experiments. Quick redesign of the house using new building materials, from a hardware store nearby. Always a happy pet, because the ZOO store has all his favorite delicacies. For your comfort, you will find any product in the Food place and Market Zone: croissants, coffee, organic products, medicines and everything you need, just a few minutes from home.

Partnership for development


RC PERFECT LIFE is implemented in partnership with the corporation "Lvivmiskbud"


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Location of the construction object: Lviv region, Lviv district, Lviv territorial community, Vynnyky city (as of 01.01.2021), Lisna street;


General contractor: DEVELOPMENT CITY Limited Liability Company (40038129);

Technical supervision: Petruk Timofiy Fedorovich (AT 001489);

Author’s supervision: Khoma Volodymyr Ihorovych;

Responsible executor of works: Baran Andrey Mikhailovich, the order from 11/22/2021, the chief engineer;

Project documentation developed by: ARHO GROUP LLC (41650441);

Examination of the construction project was carried out by: SE “Western ETC” (20774790), Zinkiv Andriy Bogdanovich (AR 010475, AE 005262).


The right to perform construction work:

  • Building permit IU012211123266 dated November 29, 2021 See document

Urban planning conditions and restrictions:

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