CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS OF Central Hills - January 2022 - LEV Development

CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS OF Central Hills – January 2022

February 2022

As of the end of January 2022:

  • The connection of electricity for the first stage of construction of the building №1 1-3 sections;
  • Fences have been installed around the construction site for safe construction;
  • Repair work has been completed in the sales department for a comfortable stay of investors on the construction site;
  • Concreting of vertical structures (pylons, walls) is underway and work is underway to install a floor slab on the 26th floor;
  • Brickwork of internal walls and partitions on the 3rd and 4th floors is performed;
  • Work is underway on the installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures (ventilation blocks and stairways).
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