Construction progress of HYGGE - April 2021 - LEV Development

Construction progress of HYGGE – April 2021

May 2021

In April 2021:

  • Completed facade works of walls -1 floor and entrance groups;
  • Landscaping work near the commerce and the yard continued;
  • Completed plastering of interior walls in I-III sections and entrance groups;
  • Installed railings and railings for balconies and terraces in section III;
  • Completed the installation of aluminum facade structures in the entrance groups;
  • Completed the installation of window and balcony eaves in Section III;
  • Completed screed installation in I-III sections;
  • The installation of tiles in the corridors of the I and II sections and balconies of the II series was completed;
  • Completed plumbing work;
  • Installation of drywall and painting works in I and II sections began;
  • Installed pantry doors on -1 and -2 parking;
  • Installed a fire extinguishing system in parking lots;
  • Arranged external sewerage in the yard from the street. Pymonenko.
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