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Contest of modern sculpture “Symbols of Lviv”

July 2021

From July 15 to September 15, a competition of modern sculpture “Symbols of Lviv” will be held as part of the development program of Malogoloskivsky Park.

According to the results of the competition, in 2021 a sculpture dedicated to one or many symbols of the city will be installed on the territory of Malogoloskivsky Park.

The sculpture “Symbols of Lviv” is an attempt to draw the attention of everyone to the diversity of the city in which they live in Malogoloskivsky Park.

The purpose of the competition is to create a precedent for involving artists in the development of abandoned parks in Lviv and to create a new monument for the city’s residents.

The sculpture in the public space of Malogoloskivsky Park will be an attraction for residents and guests of the district and another reason to visit it.

World experience shows that modern sculpture is able to carry knowledge and change the perception of cities, become a point of attraction and a meeting place.

That is why we are looking for authors who think modernly and can work with form and plasticity. Those who understand sculpture not only as a work of art in isolation from reality, but rather as an interaction between place and object, which is able to change the mood and thoughts of the viewer. The jury will prefer original and modern ideas. The sculpture can be kinetic, monumental or mechanical. Participatory and preferably playful. Stylistically academic or avant-garde. Big or small. Consist of one object, or of several. It can be made of any materials that are not exposed to the environment. We also urge the authors not to offer solid wood as a material for creating sculptures, as similar sculptures are already placed in the park.

It is important to remember that the sculpture will be in a public space and people of different generations and backgrounds will interact with it. In this regard, we are looking for a solution that will be clear to the majority. We will not consider provocative ideas that go beyond ethical notions of what may be in the public space.

We offer artists and sculptors to build on world experience, and work not only with the object itself, but also with the space around, to explore the park and the mood of the city, so that the proposed sculpture did not exist in itself, but fit into the overall thematic ensemble and cultural landscape.

You can send your works by following the link.

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