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Presentation of hall design in ARTHOUSE park

April 2021

The design of the ARTHOUSE park hall is like a special kind of art!

When designing the halls, we wanted to perform several tasks:
📌 Create something conceptually new, unique and exclusive;
📌 Combine everyday life and art that will inspire;
📌 Preserve the simplicity and space of art galleries. And at the same time add some interest.

How did we achieve this: 👇
🔘 Divided the corridors into conditional zones to visually expand the space;
🔘 On the floor laid a geometric panel that adds dynamics in a monochrome range of walls;
🔘 They provided a place for different things of the residents and harmoniously fitted it into the mood of the hall;
🔘 Combined the conservatism of strict lines and the smoothness of the forms of reception to make the design special.

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