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Presentation of hall design in RC OBRIY 3

June 2021

The design of the hall of the RC OBRIY 3 is an unusual way to express respect for the residents of the house, in the language of design. That is why LEV Development once again involved the well-known architectural firm SAVYTSKYYdesign in the development of the hall and common areas on the floors.

The interior design of the halls and corridors of the residential complex cannot exist separately from the architecture of the building. Since the facade of the RC OBRIY 3 is graphic (has clear lines on the facade and protrusions in the form of balconies), the design of the halls should be attractive, interesting and functional.

Despite the dynamics of lines and planes, the interior retains the conciseness of materials and colors. In this hall, an important focus will be the game of lighting all key areas. The presence of wooden panels gives a feeling of home comfort, and mirrors – expand the space. Green plants in pots help to feel harmony with nature, even before going outside. On the ground floor there is a lounge area with chairs and a coffee table, as the halls in the OBRIY 3 residential complex are a space where you want to stop, sit down and talk to your roommates.

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