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Bethlehem Fire of Peace for patrons

January 2021

This wonderful pre-Christmas tradition of spreading the Bethlehem Fire of Peace was started in 1986 by the Austrian broadcaster ORF in Linz. From the very beginning, the action was planned to support children with disabilities and all those who need help and attention before Christmas. And immediately the scouts took this noble cause into their own hands.

Every year, ORF representatives and Austrian scouts take the Fire at the birthplace of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and then transport it by plane to Austria. After the celebrations in the Vienna Cathedral, the baton is passed to neighboring countries. It is from hand to hand, from one scout cell to another, that the Fire of Bethlehem transcends many boundaries and reaches all who await the light of warmth, peace, harmony, and hope that travels from west to east, overcoming borders and uniting Christians on Christmas Eve. Of Christ.

Members of Plast, the National Scout Organization of Ukraine, spread the Bethlehem Fire throughout Ukraine. This is not the first year in a row that Plastuns will take over the Bethlehem Fire of Peace from Polish scouts and pass it on to the Ukrainian community, churches, orphanages, and hospitals so that those far from their families can feel the warmth of the Star of Bethlehem.

And this year the Bethlehem Fire of Peace visited LEV Development 🥰

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