Long live Belarus! - LEV Development

Long live Belarus!

August 2020

It is impossible to be aside and silent. Belarus, we are with you 🙏

We want to support those who are now fighting for their true, not just documented, Independence.

🤍 One when you can walk at least until the morning and not be afraid that someone with batons will attack you.
❤️ When you can express your thoughts and dissatisfaction. And you will be heard.
🤍 When they will not be forced to choose what they give or nothing.
❤️ Where they will not convince you that a monotheistic ideology is the one that was imposed on you from above.
🤍 They will not shout to the whole world that we are all good when people in the kitchen at home quietly cry from injustice and hopelessness.

We are proud to say we support the Belarusian people! Long live Belarus!

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