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Concrete, glass and wood: a stylish concept for LEV Development’s new office

August 2020

LEV Development recently opened a new office in Lviv. The interior turned out bright and open to customers, as well as a comfortable environment for employees. Open concrete structures, wooden elements, and large glass windows add conciseness and transparency inside.

The well-known design company SAVYTSKYYdesign worked on the open and bright interior.

Office concept

Through the interior of the office, the company seeks to show that LEV Development has nothing to hide from its customers.

Thus, open concrete structures and ceilings emphasize the quality of work in the initial stages of construction, and large glass windows symbolize the openness of all employees of the company.

Functional side

The project is made to meet all the functional needs of the office. There are large spacious offices for employees, a comfortable and atmospheric meeting room and two meeting rooms for larger meetings.

In addition, the office will offer a cafe that will work as a kitchen for employees and as a cafeteria for the residents of the house OBRIY.

What does the cafe look like?

It is a stylish, bright, modern and light space, which seems to be created for morning coffee. The interior uses wooden panels, upholstered furniture, strict concrete, and rich green in the bar area.

Office interior

3 most important ideas prevail in interior decisions: conciseness, transparency, coziness. The goal of the designers was to leave the concrete, open all utilities, put large transparent glass partitions.

However, to add a homely atmosphere, there are wooden panels, lots of textiles (curtains, comfortable armchairs, comfortable sofas), and in the offices of workers on the floor carpeted – all to create a comfortable acoustic environment. The interior is also filled with greenery.

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