Presentation of visualizations of the RC PERFECT LIFE hall - LEV Development

Presentation of visualizations of the RC PERFECT LIFE hall

January 2022

When designing the halls of the PERFECT LIFE, the SAVYTSKYYdesign design bureau was guided primarily by the desire to create something conceptually new and innovative. They wanted to create a light, bright space that does not burden after a hard day’s work and at the same time gives a morning charge of the day thanks to fresh elements of bright lemon and green colors.

The interior of the hall is decorated with environmentally friendly or recycled materials, such as micro-cement, eco-panels made of recycled plastic. The calm gray color is chosen as a basis, which is presented in different textures (wall, floor, textile) and which serves as a great background for bright accents in the lobby. Interestingly shaped upholstered furniture, which enriches the interior like sculptures and makes it unique, individually designed luminaires for RC PERFECT LIFE.

The whole hall is saturated with various lighting devices: LED lights, spot, linear, directional lights, chandeliers – all this allows you to make lighting scenarios according to needs, and the space is interesting to stay. The main accent color is grassy green, which is a reminder of the green comfort that surrounds us and in which it is so nice to be.

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